Our Core Workshops

Spark Curiosity PD Series Learning Objectives:

By the end of the program, educators will be equipped to:

  • Create curiosity-driven classroom environments using quick inquiry tasks
  • Differentiate instruction to reach all learners' needs using Nearpod
  • Apply scaffolding techniques to support student success
  • Conduct action research to improve practices using classroom data
  • Strengthen collaboration, efficacy and innovation among teachers

Part 1: Unleash the power of quick inquiry tasks to captivate your students’ minds. You'll explore ways to make a concept concrete for students and how to spark curiosity and engagement across all core subjects. Transform your classrooms into hubs of active learning and foster a love for knowledge in your students.

Part 2: Supporting student centered discourse: This session focuses on the facilitation of classroom discourse to create student-generated summary statements of quick inquiry tasks. It provides practical strategies for encouraging classroom discussions and empowering students to construct their own understanding of the material.

Material: Spark Curiosity: A Guide to Quick Inquiry Book

Differentiate with Ease: Equip your educators with the skills to effortlessly tailor instruction for diverse learners. Discover practical strategies to create inclusive learning environments, ensuring success for every student.

  • Introduction to Differentiated Instruction
  • Using Nearpod to Differentiate
  • Creating Mini-Lessons for Diverse Learners

Material: Beginner’s Guide to Nearpod: A tool for transforming teaching in K-12 book

Master the art of scaffolding to support all learners effectively. Explore proven techniques and tools that empower students to thrive in your classrooms.

  • Key Concepts of Scaffolding
  • Applying Scaffolding Strategies
  • Developing Scaffolding Lesson Plans

Material: Beginner’s Guide to Nearpod: A tool for transforming teaching in K-12 book

Become a research-driven educational leader. This course equips you with the tools to conduct action-based research in your school. Harness data-driven insights to tailor teaching methods, enhance learning outcomes, and foster a growth mindset among your educators and students.

  • Understanding Action Research Methods
  • Collecting and Analyzing Classroom Data
  • Using Data to Enhance Learning Outcomes

Reengineer the PLC process to cultivate a collaborative culture of empowered educators. Strengthen teacher teams, enhance student achievement, and elevate your school's success.

Harness real-time data to inform instruction. Learn how to make informed decisions that drive student progress and create an environment of continuous improvement.

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