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3 Steps to Sparking Student Curiosity

Concept Analysis

We meticulously analyze the learning standards to identify a focused concept that aligns with the core content being taught.

Inquiry Task Creation

We craft short, open-ended tasks centered around the identified concept. These tasks are designed to be completed in a group setting within 5-8 minutes, fostering collaboration and curiosity.

Facilitated Discussion

The teacher facilitates a discussion where the community of learners shares their insights and creates a summary statement that seamlessly transitions into the core content being taught.

About Our Spark Curiosity PD

Sparking Student Curiosity with Inquiry Tasks

Engage your students and foster a love for learning through our three-step approach to inquiry-based tasks. This research-backed model has proven effective in improving student engagement and understanding.

1. Concept Analysis 

We meticulously analyze the learning standards to identify a focused concept that ...

Spark Student Engagement: Inquiry-Based Professional Development for Urban Educators

We are passionately committed to the long-term transformation of education. Our Spark Curiosity Professional Development series epitomizes this commitment by equipping educators with the practical strategies and tools necessary to inspire curiosity and enhance engagement in the classroom. Recognizing the unique ...

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