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A Beginner's Guide to Nearpod

Are you considering using Nearpod but don’t know how to get started with it to take your online teaching to the next level?

And are you looking for a guide that breaks down the seemingly complex, unknown world of using Nearpod in a language that you can understand, even if you’ve never considered yourself tech-savvy?

If you’ve answered YES, keep reading...

You Are About to Discover Exactly How to Transform Your Virtual Teaching Experience!

As more schools, teachers, students, and parents keep on realizing just how convenient and transformative online learning can be, technology developers are seeking to streamline the whole process by offering solutions that resolve many challenges that come with some of the popular online learning platforms.

At the forefront of this transformation is Nearpod, the one platform that has been created with teacher-student engagement in mind and one that solves problems that many traditional online learning platforms have, such as:

  • Less interactive than expected
  • Difficulty getting started
  • Lack of live participation from students
  • Being in front of class, as it would happen in real-life physical classrooms
  • Difficulty keeping up with all the students who have varying speeds of grasping what’s being taught
  • And much more!

Perhaps you are wondering...

How exactly does Nearpod work and help you achieve all that?

How do you get started with Nearpod like a pro, even if you are a complete beginner?

How do you use the many cool functions that you can do with Nearpod?

If you have these and other related questions, this book is for you, so keep reading.

It covers:

  • How to master the fundamentals of Nearpod, including the benefits that come with using Nearpod in teaching
  • How to create ready-made lessons that your students will like
  • Powerful features that make Nearpod stand out
  • How you can leverage the power of Google Slides to your advantage
  • How to launch your virtual lessons as a pro
  • What to differentiate lessons like a pro
  • How to make the most use of the data you get from Nearpod
  • How you can possibly grow and go beyond your limits
  • And much more!

Even if you’ve never considered yourself tech-savvy, this book will show you how to turn things around to your advantage! Order your copy now!

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