Charity Marcella Moran

Charity Marcella Moran is an accomplished educator with over 15 years of experience in various teaching and leadership roles. She has worked as a high school Project Based Learning (PBL) teacher, New Tech Network School Development Coach, middle school-alternative programs Instructional Specialist, and elementary school Federal Programs Title I Coordinator. Charity is passionate about sustainability and capacity-building in education, and she believes that PBL is a powerful and transforming instructional strategy that empowers all stakeholders to become lifelong learners and dispels opportunity disparities. Currently, Charity serves as Director of District & School Leadership – Kentucky for PBL Works, where she trains educators nationally and internationally to meet a variety of school program development needs. Her research and work have focused on establishing a safe space for teachers to innovate and develop culturally responsive learning experiences, decolonize curricula, and debunk myths about students of color. Charity is a Gates Millennium Scholar and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, a Master of Arts in Secondary Mathematics Education, and an Educational Specialist certification in Educational Leadership.

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