Angela Cellitti

As a highly experienced mathematics educator with over 17 years of experience in both math instruction and teacher development, she is adept at integrating technology into math instruction, designing curriculum, and using data to inform instruction. My background in corporate management and data analysis adds an additional layer of expertise in utilizing data to improve student achievement. I have a proven track record of facilitating professional development in aligning state standards to Common Core Standards, as well as over 5 years of experience in creating math curriculum maps that align with state standards. I am an expert in math mindset strategies that have been proven to improve student achievement and have extensive experience providing math tutoring to both international and domestic students and families. Overall, she is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly skilled mathematics educator, ready to make a positive impact on student learning and development. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education and a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with  NCLB credentials.

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