The college planning process might seem straightforward, and you might be tempted to leave it all to your bright child or student to handle. However, your child needs support and assistance through the college application process.

What can you do?

Creating time to help your kid is very necessary. However, you might not be savvy in every admission step. Deep research can help bring about more campus insight. You also have the option of seeking the services of an independent educational consultant.

You might still think you can still do it on your own and a parent or teacher. However, here are some of the reasons you need help during the college planning process.

Test and Assessments

Before applying to attend a college, your kid must have taken the necessary standardized tests. There are preliminary tests that you might not know about, which a consultant would know. PSAT is an exam your child can take in his or her junior year to prepare them for the SAT. The consultant can also provide the necessary tutorial tools to help your kid ace these standardized tests. Strong performance in these tests and the major senior year SAT, will help convince the college that your kid or student is ready to face challenges to come.

Course Selection

Unlike high school admission process, the requirements for college admission are very strict. Having the basic knowledge of subjects like English might not cut it. The admission process requires your child or student to be versed in mathematics and science, and at least an idea of one foreign language. As you cannot help with all that, you must encourage your child or student to join college-prep programs. This will give them a better idea of how their GPA should look. Their transcript must be immaculate, and you will need help to achieve this goal. Also, part of the course selection and college application process, The Advanced Placement Program also helps by giving students an opportunity to study and learn at college level. Exams and tests are conducted during the duration of this program. Excelling in those assessments gives your child or student a better edge at getting into the college of their choice

Finance and Scholarships

While planning for college, you need to know about all the local scholarships and have an idea on college financial aid programs. You can research these opportunities alongside your child or student. However, you cannot know about them all. Independent educational consultants, know more about scholarships and financial aid. With their knowledge and information which you have gathered, you can create the best game plan and college admission guidance for your child or student.

Extracurricular Activities

These are very important for college applications, and they are not things you can easily help your child or student with on your own. Selecting the best extracurricular could be nerve wracking, especially when your child is expected to excel in all these activities. Professionals study your child to match them with the best clubs and sports activities that would fit their personalities. You might not know, but volunteering and working part-time can also help place your child high on the list of students taken into a college.

There is only so much you can do to help your child or student grow. There is no harm in seeking assistance from a consultant. This will help reduce the stress placed on you, when planning for college.

Olivia Williams

Independent Educational Consultant

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