Olivia Williams passion as an Educational Consultant

One of my passions has always been helping students find purpose and discovering their own potential.  My key objective is to help a student connect with a college that will benefit them beyond academics. For it to be a place where a student can mature into a productive and firmly grounded adult. With on average freshmen dropout rate of 55%, it is imperative that each student be equipped with more of the pro’s of a school and the con’s of a school. It is critical that a student know what academic supports are  in place to help them overcome academic challenges, what counseling services are in place to help them over a life changing event, what facilities are available to help ensure a student stays healthy and fit on campus, and what are the retention rates for entering freshmen at the institution. These are but a few of the critical questions that need to be address before investing on average $23,000 per year. So my work as an independent educational consultant is necessary for improving the college graduation rate which is directly related to finding a college that fits the emotional, spiritual, academic, and financial needs of the student. It is also a pleasure to offer personal development coaching for students as they journey to find and define themselves. This is not easy process but with the help of a college planning consultant the load can definitely become lighter.

Olivia Williams

Independent Educational Consultant

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