Boost Your College Success! Ready to head off to college? Don’t go without a clear vision of how you’re going to use your higher education experience to create success in your life. That’s where Kampus Insights to the Max comes in. This essential university survival guide will provide the roadmap you need to succeed in school and beyond, including:

  • The major planning mistakes most college grads make
  • How to take the fewest classes to get a degree
  • Deciphering professor expectations and how to get an A
  • Financial aid tips and common pitfalls
  • How to schedule classes for your personal learning style
  • A month-by-month guide all the way through your degree

And much, much more! Packed full of content that’s vital to any student, this is a key read for your first year at college. Don’t sacrifice your success! Get the keys to achieving your university goals and, ultimately, the career you’re after.

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